Hard Felt Deburring Block
Hard Felt Deburring Block

Hard Felt Deburring Block

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Our Hard Felt Deburring Block is designed to give the ultimate in burr removal specifically to Japanese knives when used in conjunction with our ULTRA-Rock Hard Felt DeBurring Pad.

This block is to be used after each and every sharpening stone you employ!

The proper use would be to slice into a corner of the block and run the knife's edge through from heal to tip. This action will allow the felt to draw burrs away and off of the cutting edge. Used along with our ULTRA-Rock Hard Felt Pad you will be able to remove even the toughest most stubborn burrs in no time at all leaving a crisp clean edge behind.

This is a premium hard to find natural wool product imported from India.

This simple felt block has become one of, if not the most, significant advancements in deburring Japanese knives that I've experienced since I began sharpening them. I couldn't imagine sharpening without one.

*Please note -

Some imperfections or variations may appear in the surface of pad. This is normal and perfectly OK as this is a natural material.

Keep away from water