Japanese Knife Sharpening Class
Japanese Knife Sharpening Class
Japanese Knife Sharpening Class
Japanese Knife Sharpening Class

Japanese Knife Sharpening Class

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7hrs of 1-on-1 Individual Instruction

 This is a hands on class for learning the basics and/or advanced techniques used to sharpen and maintain Japanese kitchen knives.


Dave Martell of JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com

Professional experience with hand sharpening and repair of Japanese kitchen knives since 2004

 Subjects to be covered (based on your experience level):

  • Stone selection
  • Stone maintenance
  • Angle selection
  • Control techniques & tips
  • Damage repair - tips, heals, and nicks
  • Single bevel maintenance (includes single bevel kasumi "mist")
  • Stropping/Honing


  • Water buckets (for soaking stones)
  • Stone holders
  • Paper (for test cutting)

 Class Requirements:

  • Japanese Knives (double bevel and/or single bevel) *Note -  No German knives (Henckels, Wushthof,etc) or factory made Japanese knives (Shuns, Globals, MAC, Miyabi, etc)  Inquire about your knives if unsure
  • Good attitude 


156 Highfield Rd

Airville, PA 17302


Date: To Be Determined 

We are available 7 days a week. 

We will contact you to arrange a date that suits your needs. 



9:00am - 5:00pm 
(7 hrs class / 1 hr lunch)


Max # of Students (to attend):  1


Class tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable to other services/products

Not for professional knife sharpeners


Here's what a few past students had to say about this class...

"I took Dave's course this weekend and I highly recommend it. I brought a couple knives with me and he helped me work on the different issues I had with each knife. He also helped me work on my sharpening techniques. If you've got a decent knife collection, I highly recommend you consider taking this course to learn how to maintain not just the initial edge, but learn about profiles, thinning, and other techniques.



"Dave, I just wanted to let you know that I could NOT be more pleased with Sunday's outcome!!!!! First of all, I got waaaaayyyy better results than I ever dreamed possible, not to mention your teaching methods which I seemed to grasp rather quickly (ok, maybe that's partly from reading your 'words' for well over a decade...

... I suppose that I knew WHAT to do but didn't know HOW to do it. Thanks to you, I believe that is no longer true. In my eyes, I got WAAAAAAYYYYY more than my money's worth and would heartily recommend you as a teacher....

...By the way, I only used the Ryusen that I sharpened at work today but it performed very impressively. My co-workers were equally impressed!!"


"I have been to knife sharpening classes at places like Sur La Table and at different cooking classes in the past. Generally, those classes entailed 10+ people standing around a table watching and listening to someone talk about sharpening and giving a cursory few swipes of a blade across a sharpening stone. And, perhaps worst of all was a cooking class I went to where the chef did exactly what you said yesterday was useless . . . did a few haphazard swipes across a sharpening stone, no stropping, and then announced, “Now you have a knife that is as good as new!”

In either event, this was an incredibly fun and informative day for me and I really appreciate your time. You are a fantastic teacher. I have left with the confidence to go sharpen, and perhaps scrape the sides!, of my own knives now."


"I took a private class from Dave many moons ago. It was a fantastic experience. I was a fairly competent sharpener going in and I never imagined how much I would learn that day. Learning from video clips on YouTube is one thing but learning directly from a pro who has been doing this full time for the past 87 years (sorry Dave) is completely different. I became a much more competent sharpener. My knives are sharper, my edges last longer, I sharpen faster and with less effort and my knives are better for it too. Since the class I haven't encountered a sharpening job that I don't have the skills or confidence to handle. 

I put in two full days of driving and two nights at a motel to take the class and it was more than worth it. Before this class buying knives was the easy part but maintaining them to perform to their potential was sometimes frustrating. I get a lot more pleasure out of my knives now. I can honestly say that Dave's class was some of the best money I've ever spent on this hobby. It made much more sense than spending more money on knives I couldn't get the most out of. I can't imagine anyone who takes a class with Dave feeling like it was a waste of time or money. Highly recommended."