Petties - O1 (Carbon Tool Steel)

Petties - O1 (Carbon Tool Steel)

Regular price $299.00


I have qty. 4 - 160mm petties in O1 to make and have gathered up some interesting colored woods that I want to use on them.

I'm thinking that maybe some of you might be interested in these knives, and if so, you could claim them and then pick which combo (western vs wa) that best suits you prior to me guessing and doing what I think is best. If you help me I'll return the favor and reduce the costs by discounting each knife. See details below....


O1 - $299

Handle Configuration Choices

Western (hidden tang only)

Wa Oval

Wa octagonal

Ferrule/Bolster Material Choices


Black Buffalo + $15

Blond Buffalo + $20 (plain blond only)

*Note - if you have another wood type that you're thinking about please ask as I have many types of small cut off blocks and likely have what you're looking for.


Nickel silver or copper (thin only) Westerns + $10 / Wa + $35

*Note - metal spacers will be paired along with black G10

G10 (in various thicknesses - mostly thin & various colors) 


Included in USA only 

Delivery Date 

These knives can not be 
started until at least the beginning of Feb. The first petty sold will be started first and then the rest done in order of sale dates. Please know that all 4 knives can not be completed at the same time so expect weeks added to each knife sold from Feb on. This means months wait time. I hope that I have explained this OK here, but, if you have any questions at all about this please feel free to ask as I'd greatly prefer to explain and lose a sale than make a sale and gain an uncomfortable misunderstanding.

Please note configuration upon checkout. 

International shipping and additional costs from upgrades will be billed at completion.