Handle Materials

Blocks or Scales

Blocks mandatory for Martell Knives

Blocks preferred for Rehandle work (1/2" thick minimum for scales)

Gyuto - 5 x 1.5 x 1 (min)
Suji - 5.5 x 1.5 x 1 (min)

Stabilization Required?
*Exceptions - Desert Ironwood, Kingwood, & Blackwood

Stabilization Accepted From
K&G (preferred)

Wood Dealers I Will Not Use
Woodstabilizer.com (Canada)
Ebay (anyone there)

Woods I Won't Work With
Cocobolo (poisonous)
Snakewood (cracklicious)
Ebony (cracklicious)
Palms - black & red (cracklicious)
Spalted anything (rotted wood) - Maybe OK if it's been stabilized by K&G 
Walnut (dry dust like - always finishes crappy)
Redwood (super soft)
Buckeye Burl (punky wood soft)
Ipe (plain/boring - finishes crappy - if burl is cracky mess)

Woods I Like to Work With
AZ Ironwood Burl or Straight Grain/Figured
Amboyna Burl
Maple Burl
African Blackwood
Birch Burl
Thuya Burl
Honduran Rosewood
Black Ash Burl
Box Elder

Optional Materials