Kitchen Knife Sharpening Service

Attention: COVID-19 Virus - We are still sharpening at our normal quick turnaround times, experiencing no delays, however we cannot guarantee that delays may not result from shipping carriers.

Specializing in Japanese Knives since 2004

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Print this page and mail along with knives to be serviced

*Shun, Global, MAC, Henckels Twin Cermax/Miyabi, Tojiro Zen, & Aritsugu knives 
Shall Not be hand sharpened - regular sharpening only will be supplied for these knives

Please read our Sharpening Service Mail Order Terms before shipping tools to us for sharpening. By sending your tools to us you are agreeing to these terms and are responsible for any additional costs that may apply due to necessary repairs and/or parts replacement.

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We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express.

We DO NOT accept personal checks.

Credit card payments can be made through Paypal without opening a Paypal account or made directly through us by phone or email.

If paying by Paypal simply send the tools to us including the (filled out) order form and we will send you an invoice once the work is complete.

Similarly, if you're paying with Paypal and are uncertain as how to fill out the order forms, simply send the tools to us and we will fill it out for you. Then we will send you an invoice for the appropriate payment amount when the job is complete.



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