Received the knife Dave - absolutely stunning handle and I have never seen a better fit and finish. Can't feel a thing going over the joint of the ferrule and wood. Beast of a knife, thank you!
-D 6/12/21
I got the knife yesterday.   WOW!    It's spectacular.  I honestly expected the repair to cause a much bigger difference from the original shape.  I'm very pleased!  You truly are a master knife smith. Do you mind if I post it with a reference to you on Instagram and maybe Reddit?
Thanks very much
-Jim 2/22/21
Dave, this was such an easy transaction—thank you—my knives are better than new.  Also, I appreciate your using starch "peanuts" which are going into my compost!!
-Deb 2/13/21
I got my refurbished Martell gyuto back today. It looks as good (or maybe even better?) as it did when new. The finish on the handle and bolster in particular are stunning, and now that I'm a little more practiced at sharpening I'll try not to scuff them up. :)

Thanks again for doing this. Worth every penny and then some!
-David 2/11/21
I've received the knife and WOW! The only thing better than how it looks is that the handle is a proper weight now feels like a brand new knife!! Thank you so much! 
-Ian 10/05/20


- Duuude....

I am blown away. 

I am a habitual re-user of mid century (and older) kitchen tools but this...this exceeds any concept I had in my head for the finished knife. You gave an old knife an astonishing new beauty while letting remnants of it's previous life remain. It now has it's unique character and a newfound functionality that I'm pleased as hell to own and use.
The words Thank You seem insufficient but, thank you! 
All my best,
D   9/19/20
Hi Dave,  hope all is well with you. I've been meaning to follow up to say how much I love the knife. After months of use, it's become my absolute favorite in the kitchen.
Still wicked sharp and the handle is perfection for my pinch grip. Thanks again!
D 12/3/20


Dave - I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. The postal service was a little slow, but my knives did arrive safely.

I've had those knives for quite a long time and I've become quite attached to them. Not only are they wicked sharp and work extremely well, I love that damascus pattern.
I must say you do exceptional work. They are such a joy to work with, even more so now that they are back to as new surgical sharpness.
I sent them to you because I cared much more about them being properly rather than quickly. Someone who understands the differences between them and hunting knives and knows how to sharpen them accordingly.
It appears I have chosen wisely.
Again, thank you.
While I am pretty well stocked in the good knife department, checking out your site reminds me of the concept... one can never have too many quality knives.
I just might have to go shopping here one of these days. My interest has been piqued.
Stay safe.
  Scott  8/19/20





- "Oh my gosh.  This is the most beautiful knife I have ever owned.  It’s perfect."

David 6/5/20




- "The knives came in last week and I couldn’t be happier. The gyuto and petty were exactly what I had hoped for. The butcher really exceeded my expectations though. I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed with the handle on it. You really knocked it out of the park on all three. Thank you!"

Matthew 5/5/20




-"OMG Dave - the photos (as nice as they are!) do NOT do these handles justice! I can't decide which I like better - how they look or how they feel! Every detail (the pins, the bog oak, the buffalo horn, and of course the wood!) is so perfect selected and meticulously finished. At the risk of repeating myself - Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Bob 1/6/20




  - "I have sharpened knives for many years, and over the years I would occasionally purchase a knife to see how my sharpening compared. I recently purchased a Martell knife and when it arrived I immediately tested the edge sharpness, and all I can say is WOW! I now have a new level to aspire to. I have never had an edge as amazing as this one.

Not to mention the fit/ finish of the blade.... simply remarkable. Symmetric grinds, a handle that fits like a glove, everything was spot on. Even the shipping/packing was above and beyond.

Great job Dave... wish I had got one years ago."

Curtis 6/3/19




- "Briefly put - it's awesome! You knew your nakiri was in some esteemed company (see above) yet it just delights. Beautiful piece of craftsmanship. You remain the only person who can send me a knife that doesn't improve its OOTB edge with a strop! As I've stated, most (if not all) other new knives I receive can be improved by a light strop. Yours can't be improved - they arrive as sharp as they are ever going to be!"

MS  4/28/19




- " Hello Dave, All I can say is WOW! what a beautiful knife! This knife has exceeded my expectations and is just marvelous to cut protein with. "

Ben 12/1/18




- "Dave, I just opened the shipping box for my gyuto and took a look at this beauty.  Despite my high expectations based on your photos, I can honestly say that you have exceeded them all!  The handle is gorgeous, the finishing on the blade is flawless, and your attention to detail for things like rounding the spine is fantastic.  I couldn't be happier with this entire experience.  Please use this testimonial on your website if you like, more people should get to enjoy your work!"

Richard 10/2018




- "I got the knife!  Looks beautiful and sharp as hell. 

Thanks a lot. Great work!"

Andrew 8/29/18




-  "Picked it up this morning ,already put it to good use.
Wanted to take a break and let you know that I tore through a wagyu rib eye, 20# of short ribs, 3 whole stripe bass, all with ease. As always your work is impeccable.
I absolutely love that handle.
Thank you so much. 
I look forward to working with you again in the future and wish you the best. 
Thanks again 
Kevin" 8/11/18




-  "Got the knife last week. The fit and finish of the knife is just great. Spent some time just twirling the knife by the handle admiring the woodworking. 

Very happy."

Jose 8/3/18




-  "Received! I'm just speechless!  The fit and finish is insane! Whats most surprising was the weight and thick(er) spine.  MAnnnnnnnnn thank you! " 

Full Review & Video

L.C.  3/14/18



- "There aren’t many opportunities nowadays for a consumer to express his appreciation for and admiration of craftsmanship and technical skill directly to the artisan; the knife world is perhaps an anomaly in that regard.  As a cook I have at least some understanding of the unseen foundation of knowledge and practice and refinement that underlies and precedes the final presentation of a craftsman’s work. So I shall take this opportunity to share with you how impressed I am with the first example of your work that I recently purchased. Upon first using the O1 gyuto I felt the same sense of amazement as when I got my Mac after only having used German knives and as when I got my Gengetsu as my first handmade knife after some Japanese factory knives; yours is a similar step beyond anything I’ve personally experienced. The feeling was amplified after using it at work. I’m still a novice and a small-timer compared to many members on this forum but I’ve acquired a few dozen knives in the last year questing for something better and have now found it, such that I decided to buy the CPM154 one and make some of my others obsolete. Great stuff and much appreciated!" 

 Tom 3/14/18




-  "Remember the first time you used a Japanese knife?

For me it was a Shun Santoku. It was light, nimble, and oh so sharp. A game changer. Stumbling across the forums and finding there was much more to knifes then Global and Shun was another game changer. 

Over the years I've purchased knifes from a variety of makers, Sugimoto, Mizuno, Tadatsuna, Masamoto, Carter, Konosuke, Hattori, Suisin, Takeda. I've appreciated all of the knifes, but none of them gave me the experience of the Shun. 
There comes a point, when you realize that new knifes don't add much to the collection. The current knifes are just as capable as the new knife. Exploring different types of knifes such as honsuke, garasuki, and hankotsu is fun, but they are specialty knifes, not an every day chef knife. 

Seeing a picture of a nice knife always gets my attention. I wonder how would it cut? Probably not better then anything that I already have. Plus gyutos are not my preferred knife. I'm a cleaver guy. Gyutos all have that sleek and sharp look. Cleavers have all the appeal of a stick with a license plate attached to it, but they work for me. 

I have appreciated the pictures of Dave's gyutos for awhile now. Sometimes western makers interpretation of the gyuto can be odd. Dave's looks right to me. 

I don't know how many times I've been impressed by the picture of one of his knifes. I feel the itch to purchase, then think will it add anything to my collection? Gyutos are not my preferred knife, and then look at the price. They are normally well outside my price range. 

We all have different reasons for collecting. At the end of the day, my knifes are tools. My price range is set by my tolerance for loss. It is much easier to live with screwing up a $200 - $300 knife then a $1200 knife. 

Dave put up for sale the 250mm gyuto. Who doesn't like a knife with a red swirly handle? The price was a bit outside my price range. What got my attention besides the handle was the comment about this knife being close to Dave's ideal grind. I could only imagine the number of knifes that have come through Dave's shop to be sharpened. 

The price dropped on the knife and then again. It was in my price range. I was intrigued by the ideal grind comment, so I pulled the trigger. 

I had mixed emotions about the purchase. I was a bit surprised and concerned about the lack of enthusiasm for a Dave knife especially at this price. 

To put the knife through its paces I picked up some tomatoes, onions, potatoes and carrots. Tomatoes especially softer ones are a good challenge. I placed the front of the knife on the tomato and it sank in with no pressure. I've never had that happen. I left the sides of the tomato on the thick side. Very little to no resistance as the knife went through the skin. I've never had a knife as sharp as this one. 

I cut up an onion next and was amazed how thin I was able to get the slices. A cleaver with its size and weight is very good at slicing onions, better then any of the gyutos I've used until this one. I've been able to do a very fine dice with this knife much easier then any of my cleavers. 

I'm excited about the performance but what about the dreaded stiction or food sticking to the sides of the knife? I diced up some large russet potatoes. The knife went through most of the potatoes with hardly any sticking. The few potatoes that stuck fell right off with a light touch. Stiction not an issue. 

What seemed to deter some people from the knife was the poly handle. What would it be like wet? I rinsed the knife and handle. What little water stayed on the handle did not make it slick or cause it to slip. The knife stayed firmly in hand while I diced up an onion.

The Martell knife has been the closest thing to what I experienced when I picked up a Shun knife all those years ago. A game changer. It redefines what a high performance knife should be. 

How many threads over the years have been about, "If you can only have one knife?". I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase with the Martell knife, but it clearly out performs every other knife in my collection, including my cleavers. I never thought I'd see the day when a gyuto beat out my cleavers. In general I don't think gyutos are better knifes then cleavers, but this Martell kicks ass!"

Jay  3/19/18