220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!
220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!

220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - LASER!

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This gyuto is one of the best buys that I've ever put together!

  • Model - Gyuto
  • Blade Length - 220mm
  • Steel - 52100 (high carbon ball bearing steel)
  • Blade Finish - Hand Sanded Finish
  • Grind - Convex
  • Hardness - Rc 62-63 (with cryo)
  • Height (at heel) - 51mm 
  • Weight -  5.4oz (153g)
  • Handle - Recycled (Japanese Made)
  • Handle Style - Wa Octagonal 
  • Handle Materials - Wood & Buffalo Horn
  • FREE Lifetime Sharpening included!


The blade is a convex ground LASER, made from cryo treated 52100 (high carbon ball bearing steel) hardened to Rc62-63, it's tough yet easy to sharpen.

The blade's surface has been hand sanded, done as an experiment. It's not perfect but looks very nice.

The wa octagonal handle was removed from another knife that was re-handled and then recycled onto this knife. It's 99% like new condition.


*Please see close up pictures for details.


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Q: How is this LASER compare to your normal grind?

A: This particular knife was originally meant to be supplied as a finished un-handled full tang western blank but I screwed up the tang grind so I then converted it to hidden tang and in the process had to thin the blade a bit more than I would normally do to make it all blend together nicely. I also decided to hand sand the blade which made it even thinner since I was trying a lot of different techniques. Yet, the blade is only slightly thinner at the spine and middle than I normally supply, but it's still convex ground making for a LASER! ;)

Q: Do you have any choil pictures comparing your laser grind to standard grind?

A: No I don't. I (generally) dislike choil shots since they don't tell the story accurately for so many knives and also because I suck at taking this type of picture. I seriously doubt that anything meaningful could be garnered from a choil shot photo that I would take.

Q: Can you explain what you mean by "hand sanded"?

A: A hand sanded finish runs lengthwise down the blade from handle to tip. This is a finish often applied to top tier custom made knives, it's considered an upgrade. I normally finish my knives using belts which produce a finish that runs from spine to edge. My normal finish is easier to apply, and more importantly, is easier to re-apply should the blade need re-finishing in the future. I very much like the look of a hand sanded blade but I find the task to be one of the stupidest things a knife maker can do with his time and sanity.

Q: How fine is the finish?

A: How smooth is a rock? ;) All joking aside, the answer will be misleading, it's 800x. That sounds rough but that's because it only tells 1/2 the story. I've been experimenting with ways to get a hand sanded finish without spending all the time it takes to hand sand hardened steel and to that end I've found ways to get a finer appearing finish without going through a 15 grit level progression. I won't go into details since this isn't a set process I'd like to share at this time but what I will say is that this knife is finished using water stone mud. :cool: This provides a VERY smooth and even appearing pattern on the blade, it's also VERY difficult to capture in photographs.