Build-a-Custom Knife Handle
Build-a-Custom Knife Handle
Build-a-Custom Knife Handle
Build-a-Custom Knife Handle
Build-a-Custom Knife Handle
Build-a-Custom Knife Handle
Build-a-Custom Knife Handle
Build-a-Custom Knife Handle

Build-a-Custom Knife Handle

Regular price $125.00
You can now design, and have custom built to your specifications, a one of a kind Japanese style "wa" octagonal knife handle made by Martell Knives!

 Select from the following options:


Ferrule Choice - Wood, G10, or Buffalo Horn

African Blackwood is our standard offering for the wood choice however you may request something else and if we have it we'll use it.

Black G10 is standard.

Buffalo horn options are black, blond, or marbled (streaked blond). 


Add Spacers? - G10, Horn, Metal, or None

This is where you can add some flair to your handle by adding in colored G10, metal (nickel silver, copper, brass), or even a piece of buffalo horn as spacers that go between the ferrule and main handle section. 

Make note of what combo suits your tastes and if it's doable you got it.

*Note - Black G10 spacers will be used between metal spacers and buffalo horn.


Wood Options - Standard or Premium Upgrade

The standard option is the best value to include several types of woods. Available will be maple burl (dyed or natural), curly maple (natural), box elder burl (dyed or natural), desert ironwood (figured or burl), African blackwood, and black ash burl.

The premium upgrade option is for when you want the best and are willing to pay for it. We will source top grade koa and amboyna burl for this option.



1. Wood and horn are natural materials that come in various appearances, shades, textures, conditions, etc. Being natural materials they will tend to move (shrink and/or swell) as the temperature and humidity conditions change. Even though we make all efforts to reduce the variables that cause these materials to move (such as using stabilized woods whenever possible and coating the handles with finish to reduce moisture intake) we can not control the weather or how the handles are used and can offer no guarantee to the fit and feel of the materials supplied either brand new or over time.

We DO guarantee against defects from normal use!


2. Pictures can not be provided for individual pieces of wood, horn, etc. for selection purposes.


Installation is NOT included with the purchase price.


3. If you install the handle yourself you will have to open (increase the size of) the hole in the ferrule to fit the handle onto your knife. This will require the use of small round and flat wood rasps and possibly a diamond file for the metal spacers. The hole inside the handle has been drilled oversize to assist in the mounting but here too you may have to either file open the hole or grind some of the size from the tang (of the knife) to mate them together properly. This isn't super difficult to accomplish if you have the tools and some wood working experience but there is some risk for you in regards to damage as well as size match up with your knife.

You will be fully responsible for any damage caused to the handle and/or knife during the mounting/installation process as well as the size match up of the handle to the knife.

If you want to ensure a perfect fit you may have your new handle installed by us for an additional fee.


4. Installation of the handle onto your knife can be provided for an additional $55. You would purchase the handle, then send in your knife, we make the handle to fit your specific knife, and upon completion we will bill (via Paypal) the installation fee and return shipping.

This is the safest option and the one that ensures that your handle will be matched well with your knife size and style.


5. Returns will NOT be accepted for custom made handles.


6. Delivery Time - Allow 5-6 weeks for your handle to be made if we have the materials you requested on hand.

Each handle is to be custom made and as such will require sourcing of specific materials that you have requested that will likely not be on hand. Some materials, like premium woods, take extra time (weeks to months) to source so please allow for this. You are requesting custom work, not factory made production line work, please allow yourself plenty of flexibility in regards to your expectations for delivery/completion. 


7. Pricing - Our handles are likely a bit more expensive than other maker's sell theirs for.

Top quality materials and stabilization is used, construction is done to be extremely solid, the surface is finished to a very high degree and treated with 6-12 coats (depends on the wood type) of a custom blend of a hand applied oil finish.

We do not make "broomstick fatty" handles. We do not make those "throw everything on it but the kitchen sink" handles. What we make is based on our extensive experience, classy designs, nicely tapered, fit to each particular knife handles that are made to be as perfect as possible. 


During Checkout

Shipping for USA is included in pricing.

International customers will be billed for shipping when the handle is completed and ready to go.

Please make any special notes regarding the size/style of the knife, any special sizing requests for the handle, spacer configurations you want, color of buffalo horn desired, color and type of woods, etc during checkout. We promise to do our best to make the handle closest to what you picture in your mind so please let us know what that is. 



Please feel free to Contact Us with any of your questions/concerns.