Diamond Honing/Stropping Spray

Diamond Honing/Stropping Spray

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Our "Blue & Green Diamond" honing sprays are a water based diamond slurry that comes packaged in a convenient pump spray bottle. Unlike other diamond slurries, the diamond particles in our sprays are held in permanent suspension through the use of a binding agent.

Our diamond spray will not "settle" and does not require vigorous shaking during use. This means that the same concentration will be available at the first squeeze of the pump as well as the very last!

This is something that I find valuable because, over the years, I've thrown away a lot of bottles of diamond sprays that crapped out when the diamond particles ran out and nothing but carrier fluid was left behind.

Man-made monocrystalline diamond powder has been used in our sprays. Monocrystalline diamond particles are single crystal structures, blocky in form, and very strong. They will break down in use, however, they do so slowly.

"Blue & Green Diamond" can be used to supercharge felt & leather honing pads. Unlike other diamond sprays, our versions will not easily cause felt pads to lump and is perfectly safe to use on smooth leather strops. An added feature of using a colored slurry is that you can actually see where you have applied spray to. If you've ever used a white/beige slurry on a white/beige felt pad then you know exactly why this feature is so special.

Directions: Apply a coating but take care not to soak as damage to pads may occur. I suggest using a layering approach much like you would use while spray painting. More light layers applied will be safer than one heavy layer.

Use our Blue Diamond 1.0 micron honing spray to refine a highly polished edge, to add some bite.

Use our Green Diamond 3.0 micron honing spray to bring back to life a dying edge or to use following a 3000x-5000x sharpening stone to add in that nice crispy toothy edge that we all love in the kitchen.

Concentration: Heavy